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Biomatrix is committed in providing the highest quality and most efficient orthotic care in the great lakes state.  We have Orthotist’s who specialize in the areas of trauma, pediatrics, scoliosis, stance control technology, contracture management and much more.





A KAFO is a device that is used to control instabilities in the knee and lower limb by maintaining proper alignment and controlling motion. Instabilities can be caused by broken bones, arthritic joints, hyperextension of the knee, muscle weakness and/or paralysis.  These devices extend from the thigh to the foot and are custom designed based upon the patients clinical presentation.



Ankle-foot orthosis (abbreviated: AFO) is a brace worn on the lower leg and foot to support the ankle, hold the foot and ankle in the correct position, and correct foot drop.  These devices are either custom designed by our Orthotist’s or prefabricated and custom fit.  The overall design and material framework is based upon a multitude of factors assessed by the practitioner during the clinical evaluation.

Knee Orthoses

Knee Orthoses

Knee braces treat a variety of conditions and fall into several categories: prophylactic, functional and rehabilitative.  Biomatrix provides all types of knee orthoses, custom designed or prefabricated, and has long-standing partnerships with all of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Hip Orthosis

Hip Orthoses

The hip orthosis is designed to help stabilize, restrict, or allow varying degrees of motion of the hip joint.  Frequently, these devices are indicated for those who have had a hip surgery or following a traumatic event to prevent movements that may cause injury, compromise stability, or to improve hip alignment and relieve pain.

Spinal Orthoses

Spinal Orthoses

A Spinal orthosis is an external apparatus that is applied to the body to limit the motion of, correct deformity in, reduce axial loading on, or improve the function of a spinal segment of the body. There are many spinal orthotic designs we incorporate to assist individuals with pathologies of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

Cervical Orthosis

Cervical Orthoses

The cervical orthosis stabilizes the neck and supports the head, chin, and used in the treatment of injuries of the cervical spine. Examples are soft, semi-rigid, rigid braces, as well as CTO’s, Minerva’s, SOMI’s, and HALO fixation systems.

Dynamic/Functional Orthoses

Static Positioning & Dynamic Functional Orthoses

As the term implies, static positioning devices do not allow motion. They provide rigid support for fractures, prevent soft tissue contracture, reduce inflammatory conditions of tendons, and help prevent deformity.  In contrast, dynamic functional devices permit motion and are used primarily to assist movement of weak muscles or repairs tendons. Some dynamic splints have a dual or bilateral mechanism for providing tension, safely accommodating moments of spasm, and thus limiting (or avoiding) soft-tissue injury.

ROM Splinting

ROM Splinting

These specialized orthoses are custom made and designed to address ROM limitations with both the patient and clinician in mind. Easy to put on, and extremely adjustable, every design detail in our products comes from years of first-hand experience treating patients.  We can incorporate either static progressive stretch or dynamic loading principles into the finished device and outline a treatment plan specific to the patients underlying condition. 

Foot Orthoses

Foot Orthotics, Diabetic Footwear, & Pathology Designed Foot/Ankle Orthoses

Foot Orthotics are a custom molded insert for the foot, providing support and shock absorption.  Biomatrix also offers a wide variety of pathology designed foot and ankle orthoses .  Examples of common pathology designed orthoses are an: Arizona AFO, CROW Walker, Richie Brace, OWL wound offloading boot and custom molded shoe. 

Stock and Bill Program

Stock and Bill Program

The Biomatrix Stock & Bill program offers an in-office solution that allow for clinics and Physicians to have immediate access to some of the highest quality prefabricated bracing in the marketplace.   This is an exceptional way to improve your patients in-office experience and offer immediate conservative orthotic treatment with no zero-up-front cost.  Each inventory is hand tailored around the preferences of the individual practice.  

Biomatrix assumes the responsibility of inventory management, billing, and collections.  A representative from Biomatrix will regularly monitor your inventory and be available for any in-office orthotic consultations that are required for patients who require more specialized orthotic intervention.


Key Features

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Custom tailored inventory to select that is not brand specific
  • Ideal for both large practices or those with limited storage space



Our medical billing specialists are responsible for all insurance billing and follow up associated with the braces dispensed from your office.  Biomatrix is a preferred provider with all major insurance providers in the Michigan market.  This will allow your practice to provide services to all your patients, and if determined a specific patient has limited benefits following an application, we offer convenient, reasonable payment options.


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